The CERN-UNESCO Schools on Digital Libraries are week-long training sessions for librarians and IT specialists at research institutions in Africa, followed by more in-depth training for selected participants at CERN.

During every School, 30 participants learn how to replace expensive and quickly outdated hard copies of publications with digital versions, and to use up-to-date information technologies to promote the global sharing of information. In particular, they are taught how to use the Invenio digital library software, free open source tool for digital library management developed at CERN.

What are we aiming for?

The Schools help participants become familiar with all principles related to open access and open knowledge, and also with practical solutions for setting up and running digital libraries. Our main ambition is to enable better information access for African researchers, making African research more visible to the rest of the world. 

Most recently

On December 2nd, one week training of African librarians and IT specialists in Kumasi, Ghana, was successfully completed. 30 librarians and IT specialists, 50% from Ghana and 50% from neighbouring countries, were trained, while a follow-up week for about 6 participants of the Kumasi School will take place at CERN during summer 2017, in order to offer selected participants advanced training on digital libraries. More information can be found here

Your donation to their training can change lives

So far, 4 Schools have been organised across Africa and 120 participants from more than 20 African countries have been trained.

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