The CERN & Society programme is designed to have a tremendous impact on society with a range of projects utilising the latest learning and technology of CERN.  These projects focus predominantly on educating and inspiring young people from around the word.

Beamline for Schools Competition

Engaging high school students in real experimental particle physics research at CERN.

Non-Member State Summer Student Programme

The next generation of scientists and engineers around the globe deserves the skills to contribute to the development of their nations.

CERN-UNESCO Schools on Digital Libraries

Enabling African researchers to join the global network of digital libraries and build capacity in their own countries.

ATLAS PhD Grant Scheme

Unique education for underprivileged outstanding PhD students in particle physics research.

National Teacher Programmes

Lifting teachers up to empower scientific education.

CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme

Supporting today the high-tech entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

High-School Students Internship Programme

Giving students practical experience in science, technology and innovation.

ENLIGHT training

Training future generation of experts in particle therapy.

The Globe of Science and Innovation

Public outreach and education events and exhibitions at the Globe.

Science Gateway

A unique attraction in Geneva and a hub for the development of science and technology in Europe and across the world.

KiCad development

Creating a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) suite for electronic hardware design.


A free on-line data repository to safely store and share research findings.


Fostering new approaches to research, experimentation and artistic production.