We are grateful to all charitable trusts and foundations who choose to support our work.  This support is vital to the CERN & Society programme, as it enables us to implement visionary projects to inspire and benefit society, particularly through our growing impact in education, innovation and culture. 

Thanks to our partners we have taken significant steps forward, but we can do so much more with additional help!  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our common priorities and interests with grant making trusts and foundations.  Our focus is on long-term partnerships that can develop and prosper together.

To our U.S-based funders, the CERN & Society Foundation has the certification equivalent of a U.S. public charity as rated by NGOsource

For further information on how trusts and foundations can become involved with CERN & Society, or for any questions about our work, please contact Sofia Papadakaki, our Trusts & Foundations Officer.

Please find here our main supporters.