Spreading the CERN spirit of scientific curiosity, for the inspiration and benefit of society


To meet the critical challenges of the 21st century, we need greater public engagement in science, evidence-based decision and policy making, and more talented young people from every country pursuing careers in STEM subjects. This attitude, skill and knowledge will be critical for designing and building the infrastructure for a sustainable planet and human well-being shared across the globe.

CERN & Society is the programme of projects in the areas of education and outreach, innovation and knowledge exchange, and culture and creativity that spread the CERN spirit of scientific curiosity for the inspiration and benefit of society.

The programme is funded primarily by the CERN & Society Foundation, a charitable foundation established by CERN and supported by individuals, trusts, organisations and commercial companies. The projects are inspired or enabled by CERN, but lie outside of the specific research mandate. We especially want to help young talent from around the world to flourish in the future.

CERN & Society projects aim to:

  1. Promote public understanding of science and the various ways it affects our daily life
  2. Encourage and support young people’s interest in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with an emphasis on physics and engineering
  3. Improve people’s lives by means of innovative technologies
  4. Build capacity in developing countries by providing people with scientific knowledge and tools
  5. Foster creative synergies between science and culture, stimulating inspiration and enriching the cultural landscape.