Despite the fact that the sharing of research findings has advanced science throughout history, today data are rarely shared when publishing scientific results. The data is too big or complex to find a home in the traditional publication chains. This prevents researchers and scientists from drawing the full benefit from the results of public research, which leads to duplication of research efforts and waste of resources that could otherwise be used for further original research.

Access to research data is not the only problem though. It is often very difficult or even impossible to interpret the data without also having free access to the code used to perform any analysis which was published.

Free and easy access to research results, data and analysis code – Open Science - is the very heart of the scientific process. All this information must be available to everyone, anywhere in the world and needs to be safely stored in a long-term repository available for society at large, if we want society to fully benefit from public research results.

Zenodo was born at CERN with the EC’s OpenAIRE project to address this very need, i.e. to make the publishing, sharing, and long-term stewardship of scientific data and software a reality for all researchers. Zenodo taps into CERN’s long standing tradition and know-how in sharing and preserving scientific knowledge for the benefit of all. The scientific community now has a choice to store their data in a non-commercial environment to be freely available for society at large.​

Zenodo is already capable of accommodating the needs of modest data sets, but this is just a fraction of Science’s overall need for data services. We need your help to expand Zenodo’s features and storage capabilities. With your donation, we can make Open Science for all possible.

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