The ATLAS PhD Grant Scheme aims to encourage young, talented and motivated doctoral students in particle physics research (including computing for physics) and permit them to benefit from world-class research, supervision and training within the ATLAS collaboration. The scheme was made possible thanks to a large grant made by former ATLAS spokespersons, Fabiola Gianotti and Peter Jenni, who started the fund with a donation from their share of the Fundamental Physics Prize in 2013.

Through this initiative, CERN seeks to:

  1. Offer a unique educational opportunity to underprivileged students to meet and work with world-class specialists in the field;
  2. Involve and commit the home universities to take care of these students and guide them successfully to a PhD degree;
  3. Strengthen the home institutes' links with ATLAS and CERN.


Selected candidates receive a stipend to spend one year at CERN followed by one year at their host institute.They work as research physicists within the ATLAS collaboration as part of the work required to obtain their PhDs. Daily supervision during the period at CERN is provided by ATLAS scientists. The first three students, selected out of 51 applicants worldwide, started their grant at the beginning of 2014. The second ATLAS PhD Grants were awarded in February 2015. So far, 9 students have had the opportunity to work on part of their PhD thesis at CERN. ATLAS has the possibility to host up to five students per year.

Artem (RU), Nedaa (PS) and Ruth (DE), who received the Grant in 2016, share in this video what the ATLAS PhD Grant means to them and their research work.


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