At CERN, we are dedicated to scientific research and we work to create a world where high-quality, scientific education is universally available, irrespective of a person's background. Scientific knowledge drives us and is at the centre of what we do, and we share this knowledge with educators world-wide via CERN's Teacher Programmes. These are international courses for high school science teachers, offered on-site at CERN to promote the teaching of modern physics. 

The National Teacher Programmes are brief (up to 1 week) but intensive, including lectures by CERN scientists, hands-on activities and dedicated sessions on how teachers can bring physics and CERN into the school classroom. Most importantly, they are offered in the participants’ national language, subject to the availability of lecturers speaking the same language, for maximum comprehension. Since the programmes began in 1998, CERN has trained more than 9,500 high school teachers from more than 70 countries in modern physics, organising around 40 courses annually. In fact, this summer we will reach the incredible number of 10,000 teachers trained at CERN. 

Teachers play a crucial role in young people's education and these programmes give teachers the opportunity to widen their knowledge of particle physics at the world’s largest physics laboratory with the help of CERN experts, so that they can provide high-level education to their students. If teachers are well-equipped and inspired then, and only then, they can transmit their enthusiasm and engage more students to delve into future scientific studies and careers. Investing in teacher training is investing in students and the future of science.

CERN's core contribution includes all scientific, administrative and technical support for the programme, such as scientific content and provision of national language facilitators, lecturers and guides, as well as all necessary infrastructure. But travel and subsistence funds, covering accommodation and meals, are not covered by CERN and often represent a barrier for teachers to attend this training. With your support we can overcome this barrier.


If you are interested in enabling aspiring and ambitious teachers to attend the Teacher Programme, please make a donation. You can select an amount below, or enter your own amount.

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