Are donations tax-deductible?

Tax deductibility depends on your country of residence and other factors. Visit our dedicated page on tax efficient giving for individuals. For  more information, please do not hesitate to contact us using our e-mail:

Can I make more than one donation per day?

For security reasons, we are obliged to limit donations to one per day per IP address, and one donation per day per credit card.
If you wish to donate once more using the same computer, tablet, smartphone, or the same credit card, you will have to wait until the next day.

Can I pay online in my currency?

CERN & Society Foundation is based in Geneva, Switzerland, which is why we accept online donations only in the local currency, Swiss francs (CHF). 

I would like to make a monthly donation. How does it work?

We appreciate your interest in becoming a regular supporter of our initiatives. For the time being, we do not accept recurring gifts by credit card. However, if you wish to set up a recurring gift by bank wire transfer, please contact the CERN Partnerships & Fundraising Section at:

What happens if a project I am supporting does not reach its fundraising target?

If a particular campaign for project funds fails to meet its target such that the project cannot proceed, donors will be notified and the project will be removed from the website. CERN will discuss with each donor suitable alternatives for the reallocation of funds.

What is the link between the CERN & Society Foundation and CERN?

CERN is the founder of the CERN & Society Foundation. CERN’s Director-General serves as ex-officio member of the Board of the Foundation. The CERN & Society Foundation strives to increase CERN’s impact on society by enabling external voluntary funding for CERN & Society projects.

What should I know about your privacy policy?

Your data (i.e. name, address, e-mail address, company name, etc.) will be processed in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Laws. CERN and the CERN & Society Foundation will use your details only in connection with this relationship and will not share your data with any third parties. Internal access to such information is on a 'need to know' basis only and subject to CERN's data security practices. CERN will under no circumstances share, sell or trade any such information.

CERN will not store or process any information related to credit cards (e.g. card holder, card number, expiration date, SIC number). This information is processed by PostFinance. PostFinance payment service providing platform is PCI DSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS is a standard for payment transactions. Businesses and service providers that record, transfer or process credit card transactions must apply these standards.

Which types of supporters shall CERN not approach?

CERN shall never fundraise from supporters whose principal activities are related to, or who receive significant income from:

• the weapons, armaments or other military industry

• the production, marketing or distribution of tobacco products.

In principle, CERN shall not fundraise from companies currently bidding for CERN contracts. An exception may be made only where a long-term relationship exists between CERN and the company and subject to detailed scrutiny to ensure there is no conflict of interest or compromise of the bidding process. Under no circumstances will CERN fundraise in exchange for reduced contractual requirements, discounted rates or prioritization in the CERN tender process.  

Support from national governments and related entities is under the direct responsibility of the CERN Council.

Who is covering fundraising overhead costs?

CERN provides the necessary operating resources for fundraising. Nevertheless, a small fraction of the unrestricted donations are used to cover processing fees applying to contributions received by credit card or PayPal, and other operating expenditures.

Why is CERN fundraising?

CERN's fundamental particle physics research and other related activities are funded by contributions from Member States. CERN & Society activities, although a priority for the laboratory and part of its mission, depend on voluntary external support and partnerships.