The High-School Students Internship Programme – HSSIP invites students aged 16-19 to CERN to get practical experience on science, technology, and innovation. Over 2 weeks, students will discover CERN, its technologies and physics, strengthen their understanding of science alongside members of the CERN personnel, and enrich their skillset in a high-tech laboratory with many opportunities for multicultural interactions.


The HSSIP is designed as an additional tool for science education worldwide to complement and strengthen theoretical education in high schools around the world.

Our ambition is:

- to bring students from an early age closer to scientific thinking and research work;

- to give students a taste of real working life and daily routine in a big scientific laboratory;

- to help students gain hands-on experience in science; and

- to give students an insight into the wide spectrum of career opportunities in science-related fields.

Inspire and motivate are the key words of this project.


First steps

2017 was the pilot year for the HSSIP, during which we welcomed 116 enthusiastic students from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Norway and Portugal.

For the students, it has been ‘An amazing experience!', 'A once in a lifetime event!', and 'An opportunity for significant learning!'

Their teachers agree as well: ‘Every team of 2 students had their mentor and they worked together for 2 weeks. They experienced the daily work of a scientist, they participated in shifts and they enjoyed it a lot! It was such a great experience, that after their dinner, they asked that they continue and kept on working till later at night!’, Nora Szathmari (HSSIP-Hungary)


Your donation to the education of high-school students can change lives.

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