The Non-Member State Summer Student Programme stands for a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to spend their summer at CERN in Geneva, getting involved in some of the world’s biggest experiments.

For 8 weeks, summer students gather on-site at CERN and join in the day-to-day work of research teams under the guidance of CERN senior staff. The Programme targets advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students of physics, computing and engineering, particularly from developing countries. Participating students receive scientific training, attend lectures and work on laboratory-based projects alongside with CERN experts and fellow students.



8 weeks can make a difference

Highly-skilled, well-trained scientists and engineers play a vital role in any nation’s economy. With the Non-Member State Summer Student Programme, CERN plays an important role in training young students in STEM subjects.

Those students do not only receive high-level training, but also interact with fellow scientists from various disciplines and backgrounds, allowing for the development of useful and long-lasting associations that can prove valuable in their future steps.

In this video, we asked summer students from all over the world to talk about their decision to study STEM subjects, to apply for the Summer Programme, their experience on-site at CERN and takeaways.

Your donation to their education can change lives

In 2017 alone, CERN hosted 145 students from almost 63 countries around the globe, resulting in an overall participation of about 1400 students since the Programme officially started in 2003. By supporting CERN & Society, you can make a difference. Help us nurture the next generation of leading scientists and engineers worldwide.

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