The CERN Science Gateway, a new educational and outreach facility of about 7000 m2, will be a unique attraction in the heart of Europe, bringing visitors up close to the science and innovation at CERN.  Thanks to authentic and inspiring content, visitors will experience the wider context of scientific research, in the place where science is happening.


The main aim of Science Gateway is to inspire a diverse audience, to instill in them curiosity for science, and to help them make sense of the science that shapes their lives. In particular, it intends to engage more young students to the pursuit of scientific studies.

Science Gateway will enable interaction with the science and the people working at CERN, the discoveries, the research projects, the innovation, and the peaceful collaboration across nations that makes it all possible.

Science Gateway will also become a hub to conserve and display the heritage of big science, the objects and stories that transmit the tremendous human endeavor in a tangible way. 

Finally, Science Gateway will reach out to build ties across CERN Member and Associate Member States, and beyond, sharing content and encouraging co-creation with other museums, science centres and education networks.


Private funding is crucial for the completion of Science Gateway, which will be co-developed in close collaboration with donors to reflect a shared vision and common values. The capital campaign for the Science gateway has been launched by the CERN & Society Foundation. In-kind contributions of components and services for the building by companies are also being sought.